Program cu publicul:
Luni - Joi: Orele 12-14


DOMEIN: Administrative Sciences 

Public Policy for Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability  (PPECS EN).  

- Programme taught in English -


 Category:  Professional Master 

 Duration of studies:   4 semestres (2 years), 120 credits ECTS


Master program coordinators: 

Associate professor PhD. Viorel Mihăilă

Associate professor PhD. Alexandru Volacu

In recent years, climate policy has been essential in coordinating a broad spectrum of public policies in key sectors of the EU economy - energy, transport, industry, agriculture, and construction. The scale of the transformations is challenging the administrative capacity of EU Member States to adopt and implement new and complex legislation, regulations, investment projects and economic mechanisms in a very short timeframe.


The Faculty of Business and Administration is initiating this inter- and multi-disciplinary professional Master's programme on climate change and sustainability with a focus on public policy development and implementation to respond to this demand. The programme design aligns with the international academic climate and sustainability public policy standards.


The program offers courses in the fundamentals of climate science, environmental economics and law, sustainability, human habitats and ecosystems, with an increased share of content focused on public policies related to climate change prevention and adaptation.


Graduates of the Master's programme will mainly target the public sector but are also sought after in private companies, where internal ESG (environment, social and governance) expert positions have become commonplace, or in the media and non-governmental organisations with a thematic focus on the environment, energy, climate, biodiversity, etc.


This professional Master's programme is the only one in the national academic landscape making the transition from research-based approaches and basic science to the register of public policy development and implementation in the highly dense and technical regulatory environment of the European Union on energy, climate change and sustainability.


The programme does not impose prerequisites for specialisation and is open to all categories of undergraduate degrees.


Academic Staff

 Professor PhD.. Elena Druică,  Faculty of Business and Administration

Professor PhD. Liviu Andreescu,  Faculty of Business and Administration

Professor PhD. Dragoș-Paul Aligică,  Faculty of Business and Administration

Professor PhD. Mihai Dima, Faculty of Physics

Professor PhD. Sorin Cheval, National Meteorological Administration, Faculty of Geography

Professor PhD. Constantin Stoenescu, Faculty of Philosophy

Lecturer PhD. Anca Sinea – Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

Associate Professor PhD. Marian Marin, Faculty of Geography

Professor PhD. Nicoleta Ionac, Faculty of Geography

Associate Professor PhD Alexandru Volacu,  Faculty of Business and Administration

Professor PhD. Rodica Ianole,  Faculty of Business and Administration

Associate Professor PhD. Viorel Mihăilă,  Faculty of Business and Administration

Associate Professor PhD. Daniela Deteșeanu, Faculty of Law

Associate Professor PhD. Emilian Socaciu, Faculty of Philosophy

Associate Professor PhD. Radu Dudău, Faculty of Philosophy

PhD. Daniel Duma, Energy Policy Group (EPG)

PhD. Mihnea Cătuți, Asociația Energy Policy Group (EPG)



Critical Components of the Climate System  

Basics of Public Policy Analysis                                                                          

Environmental Economics                                                                                   

Introduction to Environmental Law                                                                   

Sustainable Finance and State Aid Mechanisms for the Green Transition          

Energy and Climate Policies of the EU                                                               

Social-Ecological System Framework                                                                  

Planning the Economic Transition to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions                      

Climate Change and Its Impact Upon the Environment                                       

Cost-Benefit Analysis in Policy Making                                                 

Social Acceptance and Public Risk Assessment                                      

Ethical Challenges of Climate Change                                                    

Climate Change and International Relations                                          

Basics of and New Perspectives on Sustainable Development             

Behavioral Economics                                                                             

Natural Resources Environment and Geopolitics                                    

Climate and Human Behavior                                                                

Quantitative Skills for Policy Analysis                                                   

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