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CSOLUB 9th International Conference - "Management Perspectives in the Post-Pandemic Period" - December 15th-16th, 2023


"Management Perspectives in the Post-Pandemic Period
Centre for Organisational Strategies and Leadership (CSOL-UB)
University of Bucharest
December 15th-16th, 2023


We are pleased to invite you to the 9th edition of the International Conference of the Centre for Organisational Strategies and Leadership, Faculty of Administration and Business – University of Bucharest (CSOL-UB), entitled “Management Perspectives in the Post-Pandemic Period”, meant to put altogether specialists coming from various fields of activity: academic, business, cultural, political, social and others.
The papers should comply with the requirements  Authors Guidelines posted on 
The length of the paper should be between 4 and 6 pages. 
The conference will cover a large variety of topics, including, without limitation:
-         Changes in leadership and management in the post-pandemic period
-         Adaptation to the challenges of the new labor and market conditions
-         Management of virtual teams and remote work
-         Emergent technologies and management of digital transformation
-         Innovation and management of change
-         Development of human resources in the post-pandemic period
-         Management of risk and uncertainty in the post-pandemic period
The members of the Organizing Committee are the following: Paul Marinescu, Ionut Constantin, Cristina Veith, Oana Hudea, Cosmin Olteanu.
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