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Luni - Joi: Orele 12-14

Micro-programme: Global Awareness

The CIVIS Micro-Programme Global Awareness offers students of all subjects and degrees the possibility to acquire transdisciplinary competencies in the comprehension and analysis of global and cross-border phenomena.


Meeting global challenges - such as issues concerning energy, the climate and the environment - is a core aspiration of the CIVIS Alliance. With this in mind, CIVIS member universities the University of Bucharest, the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the University of Tübingen have launched a joint micro-programme on Global Awareness.


It provides in-depth knowledge about globalisation and cross-border processes, as well as opportunities to reflect on global interconnections and interrelationships in everyday life. Covering a broad range of topics and approaches, the courses offered in this program foster the development of inter- and transdisciplinary competencies and problem-solving skills to deal with the social, cultural, economic, legal, political and ecological problems of our time, preventing racism and fostering peace and understanding. In this way, students are equipped to become responsible actors in a globalised world.



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