Curs facultativ, MK, AA, BA anul 2: Selected Topics in International Marketing (Victoria Seitz - California State University, San Bernardino) - 2-20 Decembrie 2017

Let’s Take Romania Abroad: A hands-on approach to International Marketing

Dr. Victoria Seitz, Ph.D., Fulbright Scholar, California State University, San Bernardino



Have you ever thought about reaching global audiences with Romanian products?  Here’s your chance to do it! This seminar will help YOU explore opportunities and develop global marketing strategies, as well as, provide the opportunity to develop a marketing plan for a Romanian product to be taken abroad.  The course will combine international marketing principles essays and case analysis to drive conceptualization and application in formulating YOUR global strategies for your marketing plan. 

Topics covered include:
The building blocks of international marketing planning
Cultural dynamics
Political and Legal Environments
Product management in a global marketplace
Pricing strategies to reduce gray and black markets
The critical importance of branding, brand awareness and brand equity
Social Media and communication to global audiences
International Marketing Channels
Implementing Global Marketing Strategies
1.         Marketing Plan:  Each student( or a group of three students maximum) is to select a country outside Romania. Then           
2.         .
a.       Assemble a resource manual about the country you have selected. Information for this section could include brochures, booklets, videos, maps, posters, etc.  and could come from embassies, consulates, trade missions,  Ministry of Commerce, the internet, etc. 
b.       Use the information gained from the resource material to write a country profile.
c.       Assess the viability of this country as a source or host for a global marketing campaign for a product/service of your choice.
d.       Develop acomprehensive marketing plan of the product/service you chose above.
3.         Written Case Analysis and Presentation
Every student individually or a part of a group is to submit a written case analysis of a case pre-selected from the schedule. All reports are due at the end of the class as per the date assigned for that case discussion.  
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