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   Within the Erasmus programme, a large number of foreign students studied at the Faculty of Administration and Business and benefited of our opportunities starling from theexistence of our faculty. Students came in general from ltaly, Turkey and Spain, while inpresent are added Sweden, Bulgaria and France.
    The Erasmus programme has an community sectorial character and is pursuing the professional improvement of the rising generation by developing international cooperation between the institutions of high education, by encouraging the mobility ofthe students within the universities from Europe, with the purpose of the development of European dimension of university and post-university studies.
    The Erasmus programme offers also the possibility for the foreign students to achieve acultural experience, to learn more about Romania and its specific educational system, to accumulate some knowledge in a foreign language.
    The experience of the students which graduated the Erasmus programme within theUniversity of Bucharest at our faculty, are relevant for this context.
    Welcome to the Faculty of Administration and Business.

Associate Professor PhD Razvan Mihail PAPUC

Erasmus Coordinator.
Assoc. Professor PhD. Cornelia Nistor

* For the students that were selected for an ERASMUS scholarship at the University of Bucharest, the Office for Community Programs (BPC) provides them a guide withgeneral informations, at the address:

*The rules for the ERASMUS activities in the University of Bucharest can be fbund atthe address:

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